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Lidrivio is a brand created as a tribute to our ancestors, as well as an homage to the old world. Inspired by a healthier and simpler way of living, our mission is to carry on our families' tradition of cultivating olives while producing and sharing our top class premium extra virgin olive oil with the world.

To truly understand Lidrivio, we would like to introduce our family's matriarch, Yiayia (Grandmother). A trail blazer of the Mediterranean diet, Yiayia faithfully drank olive oil as part of her daily regiment and lived to the age of 114. During her many years on this earth spent in the olive groves of Monemvasia, Greece, she taught her children and grandchildren to pick and press olives, and appreciate them as a gift from the gods.

While many will dispute the existence of the mythical Greek Gods that Yiayia spoke of, the extraordinary health benefits associated with the consumption of olive oil cannot be dismissed. In fact, numerous studies have shown that eating olive oil daily may reduce a person's risk of chronic disease and may also increase their life expectancy. For Yiayia, the Mediterranean diet was simply a way of life. Today it is growing rapidly in popularity and with very good reason: Mediterranean populations actually have reduced risks for certain chronic diseases, as well as greater life expectancy rates when compared with other populations in the world. This is believed to be in large part a result of their diet. With scientific data to support and explain the numerous benefits of consuming olive oil and adhering to the Mediterranean diet, not to mention Yiayia's longevity, we feel compelled to share our Lidrivio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the world. It is our duty to continue to cultivate the olives from the trees of generations past with the same tried and true methods learned from our ancestors.

Yiayia may be gone, but her legacy is ours to share.

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Here at Patrida Imports, we are a passionate team of food lovers, engineers, designers, problem solvers dedicated to developing and introducing new products to this world of the premium nature and we love what we do

Laconia, Greece is a region located South of the Peloponnese peninsula, bordering with Arkadia and Messinia. Beneath the mountains of Taygetos, on the west, and Parnonas, on the east, the Mediterranean climate in this region is suitable and famous for providing optimal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees. Sparta, the regions capital, is surrounded by plains that are extremely fertile, with a variety of fruits and olive trees. The area is famous for olive oil, figs, honey, oranges and tomatoes. Olive oil cultivation in this area, is traced back to the ancient Spartans (1500 BC), and plays a vital role in Greek culture and the foundation of the Mediterranean diet. The winter time is generally mild, with periods of rainfall and occasional snow on the mountain side. The summer months are generally hot, but autumn and spring are the perfect warm Mediterranean climate.
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If Greece produces the best olive oil in the world, then Laconia produces the best olive oil in Greece.

The olive oil production in Laconia began around 1,500 B.C. Laconia is a region famous for its favorable conditions for producing the highest quality olive oil in the world. We are third generation in the field of Agriculture, especially in the cultivation of olives. Our extensive experience has helped us make the best variety of olive trees, implementing cultivation methods, combining tradition with science, the fruit selection, extraction, preparation and storage, so that we have an exceptional product.


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